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Fiba Faktoring
What We Can Offer You

Fiba Factoring provides factoring products and services for its clients’ transactions in domestic and international markets. Depending on the type of domestic or international factoring involved, the company can supply one or more services such as guarantees, receivable and collection management, and financing.

Domestic Factoring
Make struggling with liquidity or collection problems a thing of the past… Through its extensive service network, Fiba Factoring can take charge of your receivables as well as the collection problems associated with them wherever you may be in Turkey. By its own strong financial resources, it provides you with the means with which to finance your own receivables.
International Factoring
Taking advantage of the extensive correspondent network of 250 factors in 67 countries that are members of Factors Chain International (FCI), Fiba Factoring’s knowledgeable and experienced team works to help you increase your import/export business through international factoring. Fiba Factoring regards the untapped potential in international factoring as one of the fundamental determinants of its future growth and performance.
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