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Fiba Faktoring
Service Approach

Proficient Staff

The experienced and competent staff of Fiba Factoring brings a new understanding to the business of factoring through their abilities to perceive, analyze, and assess customers' needs.

Effective Consultancy

Fiba Factoring's approach to customer relations focuses on building long term business relationships and on providing not just financing but also financial advice to support customers' sustainable growth and development.

Challenging Ideas

In line with their goals of providing service based on customer satisfaction and playing a key role in their sector, Fiba Factoring deliver structured products that meet customers' changing needs while also developing new products that have been shaped by challenging ideas.

Untapped Fields

Adhering to the approach of having a presence in any business line in which commercial receivables may exist and paralleling other examples around the world, it is a fundamental element of Fiba Factoring's strategy to develop and diversify products so as to enter and do business in new sectors.

Dynamic Processes

Fiba Factoring develops rapid and effective business processes to meet customers' needs correctly and in a timely manner by employing a team of specialists, their knowledge and experience, and insightful analysis.