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Fiba Faktoring
Mission & Vision


  • To be the factoring company that first come to mind as a pioneering institution in the factoring sector.


  • To be a leading member of the factoring sector that contributes to its growth and development and to achieve the highest possible level of satisfaction for our employees, our customers, and our investors.

Our strategies

  • Produce products and services at world standards of quality and deliver these to clients exactly, quickly, and effectively.
  • Play a leading role in the sector with employing dynamic and expert personnel to develop new products and meet clients’ changing needs.
  • Offer products that have been structured in line with the clients’ requirements.
  • Secure competitive advantages in the sector with innovative and speedy solutions that make us the factoring company clients prefer to work with.
  • Serve as a consaltant for clients on financial issue, with the synergy of Fiba Group.
  • Familiarize companies everywhere in Turkey with how factoring services can enhance business volumes in both domestic and international trade so as to raise the overall business volume of factoring in Turkey.
  • Increase its market share in the factoring sector.
  • Be a creative and leading factoring company that adapts with easy to changing economic conditions and makes effective, productive, and rational use of its resources.