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Fiba Faktoring
Fiba Factoring About

Fiba Factoring, a member of the Fiba Group, a strong and respected player in the financial services industry, was founded in 1992. Formulating its strategies in line with its mission of being a pioneering company in the factoring sector, Fiba Factoring has maintained an exemplary corporate identity since the day it was founded with a strong financial structure, a balanced client portfolio, and a brand image synonymous with trustworthiness.

Fiba Factoring’s approach to business is erected on the foundations of:

  • Providing high-quality, fast, and effective service,
  • Being innovative and coming up with creative solutions designed for individual sectors
  • Effective risk management,
  • Strong client relations.

With its dynamic and expert team, the company not only provides classical factoring services but also produces specially designed solutions by taking an innovative approach that satisfies the expectations of sectors and clients in the best way possible.

High credibility in financial markets gives Fiba Factoring access to extensive sources of funding while the company's membership in Factors Chain International (FCI) and strong international relations further reinforce its market position.

Maintaining a portfolio of clients from many different sectors, Fiba Factoring had realized nearly USD 2,9 billion factoring volume during 2019

An indispensable player in the sector with a vision and approach to effective service that is client-focused, Fiba Factoring’s continued growth is nourished by the strength derived from the principles of the Fiba Group of Companies.

Shareholder structure

Shareholder Share (%)
Fiba Holding 56.96
Fina Holding 43.04
Other <1
Total 100.00

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