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Factors Chain International

FACTORS CHAIN INTERNATIONAL ( FCI – Uluslararası Faktörler Zinciri )

FCI, is a global network of leading factoring companies whose common aim is to facilitate international trade through factoring and related financial services.

Since 1968, FCI’has devoted substantial resources to creating the world’s biggest factoring company network.Today FCI’s over 400 members located in 90 countries play an active role in one-half of the total volume of cross-border trade in the world.

FCI's mission is to set the worldwide standard for international factoring.FCI,helps its members achieve competitive advantage in international trade finance services through:

  • A global network of first-class factoring companies
  • Modern and effective communication systems, to enable them to conduct their businesses in a cost-efficient way
  • A reliable legal framework to protect exporters and importers
  • Standard procedures, aimed at maintaining a universal quality
  • A package of training programs
  • Worldwide promotion aimed at positioning international factoring as the preferred method of trade finance.

It offers many opportunities, like this.