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Fiba Faktoring
Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Ağrı - D. Beyazıt - Dr. Reşat Erden High School
    1 / 10

  • Van - Erciş - Ayşen Özyeğin - Secondary School Girls Dormitory
    2 / 10

  • Gaziantep - Oya Bahadır Yüksel Youth Center
    3 / 10

  • Kırşehir - Hüsnü M. Özyeğin Elementary School
    4 / 10

  • Bitlis - Kavar Havzası - Kırsal Kalkınma Projesi
    5 / 10

  • İstanbul - Galata Mevlevihanesi
    6 / 10

  • Kadınlık Bizde Kalsın Tiyatro Oyunu
    7 / 10

  • Tom, Dick, Harry Tiyatro Oyunu
    8 / 10

  • Deniz Kızı Ulusal Yelken Kupası
    9 / 10

  • 2015 Avrasya Maratonu
    10 / 10

Fiba Faktoring creates more than an economical value with its social responsibility understanding and;

Has taken it as a principle to support raising a young generation who will take the society a step further with their social and cultural contributions and undertook the construction of 10 schools, 13 dormitories and 2 rehabilitation centers in various cities throughout Turkey.

Within the scope of the endeavors on protecting and maintaining the historical and cultural inheritances, supported the building restoration activities for the historical Galata Mevlevihanesi Museum and Hagia Sophia.

Sponsored the theatre shows performed by the employees in order to finance different social responsibility projects; provided fund for 3 months literacy education of 350 women in 2015 with the income of “Kadınlık Bizde Klasın” theatre play, and ensured participation of 149 children to a special program for adopting reading habit with the income of theatre play “Tom, Dick, Harry” in 2016.

Sponsored Fiba Faktoring Women Sailing Team which was formed by the employees in order to take part in the first national women sailing cup of Turkey that aims to train athletes for the male-dominant sailing sport branch. All income of the cup has been donated to AÇEV and the organization has become traditional.

Fiba Faktoring grants donations to the athletes who participate footraces for social responsibility, to the foundations and associations supporting the education of the youth, including Hüsnü M.Özyeğin Foundation and AÇEV, and regularly continues with its contributions and joint efforts for rural development projects.

Fiba Faktoring is one of the leading supporters of Özyeğin University, offering scholarships to the young people with a social responsibility understanding. Özyeğin University has produced its first graduates in the new campus established with the aim to better serve to the society as a creative, innovative and entrepreneur learning center in line with life.

Besides the financial support, gives 3 days of volunteer leave to the employees in order to maintain time for the  social responsibility projects that they engaged.